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Lauren Michelle Jauregui is the definition of perfection. She has eyes that make your chocolate melt even in the middle of winter and a smile that makes you die just by looking at it. Lauren girls often have some of the most intense "feels" as Lauren posts alarmingly attractive selfies on a regular basis and flaunts what she's got like it's her business. Not to mention, her voice is strong like a lion yet smooth like a baby's ass and as soothing as a bowl of weed after a long day. Lauren will sass anyone anywhere, and her sass is commonly attributed to her father Michael Jauregui, who makes sure that the fandom is kept in check with his "Really?" tweets and his recreational use of the block button. Overall, Lauren is a baddass girl who does what she wants and doesn't put up with any bullshit, and she is a boss onstage and off.
Who's that girl from Fifth Harmony who screamed "Holy shit" when they made it to the finals on The X Factor?

Oh, that's Lauren Jauregui, the baddest bitch in town!
von @FifthHarmonyyyy 15. April 2013
Dinah Jane Hansen is the tallest, youngest, and arguably the most hilariously discombobulated member of Fifth Harmony. This dawg is best known for her incredible vocal range, which includes high notes that can make pepecas burst in a matter of seconds, and for her manner of speaking in a language called Dinese, which is part-Tongan/part-English/part-made-up-hashtags. Pero like Dinah is always tweeting and she can do it hella fast because of her huge poly fingers, which are rumored to be about 5 times the length of Ally's. Dinah Jane draws her support not only from her other four sistahs in the singing group, but also from her small family of 1432 close relatives. Whether she's falling asleep in a random place, getting left in a van, hacking people's twitter accounts, or just getting lost, Dinah does everything with her own flavor of poly swag.
Who was that girl from LYLAS who started crying and then no one knew how to comfort her?
That was Dinah Jane Hansen, the most #vela girl ever!

Don't mess with Dinah Jane or she'll give you a poly beat down!
von @FifthHarmonyyyy 17. April 2013
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