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Instead of high-fiving, why not use the gangsta way, Respect Knuckles. This is where both people take their fists and slowly tap them together on the knuckles, showing respect to that person. This is a handy substitute for dangerously clapping the hands together, quite possibly causing a bone to be broken in the wrist.
"No man, respect knuckles."-Quinn
"RESPECT KNUCKLES!"-Voice over during respect knuckles
von -The Omega Master 17. Dezember 2004
A gigantic sword used by Cloud in FF7. Cloud became so popular that he was also in Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Ultimate Video Game Fighting, and 8-Bit Theatre. Afterwards, he settled down in the Porn Industry, creating many Hentais such as Cut Little. The sword itself is huge. really Fucking huge. "I can't believe he can hold that" huge. It's big enough to bust stuff, hence the name. Why are you still reading this? That sword was big as hell! It was as big as a Dreadnought.
"Look at that Buster Sword, it'f really fucking huge."
von -The Omega Master 18. Dezember 2004
1: A British Television show that was bought by G4TV, which contains funny, stupid, and just plain unneeded science experiments. It often involves the use of breasts.

2: Someone who's life is dedicated to accumulation of all the world's knowledge.

3: A big waste of -The Omega Master's time.
"Did you see Brainiac last night? That chick was hot!!!"

"Ned is too freaking smart, a regular Brainiac."

"Why did I even bother to post up Brainiac?"-The Omega Master
von -The Omega Master 2. September 2005
1. Someone who has a plan which they consider great at the moment, but in retrospect, does not seem very good. Infact, it seems horrible.
2. A hilarious insult. Geared towards mentally ill apes and arangutangs, or more likely someone on that level.
1. "So, the Sarge said my plan had merit, but it was executed poorly."-Grif
"Bullshit, Sarge said were a retarded monkey."-Simmons
2. "Dude, you are such a retarded monkey, now how do I spell check?"-The Omega Master
von -The Omega Master 8. Februar 2005
Someone in a wide variety of multiplayer and online games that steals equipment you see from the area where it is spawned. This can be found in many games including Resident Evil: Outbreak, Halo 2, or Runescape.
"Yo, we were having a LAN party over at Digital Mayhem, and that Armory Humper, Scott, kept stealing the fucking energy sword!"-The Omega Master
von -The Omega Master 26. Februar 2005
1. n00bs.
2. Annoying retarded monkeys.
3. People who think "new school" music is the best. See poser.
4. People on online games that attack you and kill you while you are trying to do something important tht doesn't involve them.
5. AIs in certain games that you can't see that attack you from behind or other areas while you are low on life.
6. People on Urban Dictionary that post shortened versions of great defintions where they copy everything the person before them said.
1. "That prick on Runescape keeps asking to trade."-The Omega Master
2. "w00t i is da 1337est"-Prick
"Go away you prick."-The Omega Master
3. "Did you hear the latest Linkin Park?"-Prick
"Did you know you were a cock-sucking prick?"-The Omega Master
4. "Did that prick in the wildy kill you again?"-ASP
"*nods**sniff*"-The Omega Master
5. "Playing MGS3?"-Mike
"Yup"-The Omega Master
"Oh! Go kill that guy!"-Mike
"You see, I could if I could find the fucking prick!"-The Omega Master
6. "How many pricks posted brb!?"-ASP
von -The Omega Master 26. Februar 2005
Someone who thinks they are the master of you. Everyone knows there is only one master, and that's -The Omega Master. And to Lollybo, quiet you retarded monkey! I will respect you, though, if you give me respect knuckles.
"Lollybo sucks! -The Omega Master rules!"-The Entire Crew at Right-Click Studios.
von -The Omega Master 26. Februar 2005
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