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5 definitions by Bulla

"fucking great"
term widely used by wankers,and a large number of the black youth from the birmingham area, mainly the type who sit at the back of busses waitin 2 rob fones off of grannys.
"whos is dem der sickers trainys?"

"pass me a a tag on dat bleet,dese solids is sickers"

"yo kidda, gimme a look at ya sickers fone"
von Bulla 6. September 2003
3 1
Something wich is wonderfull in every known way, even anal.
that shits bulla in my ass
von Bulla 6. September 2003
0 4
slang for penis in hindi.
gaand mein bulla.
"mein" = hindi for "in".
von bulla 15. Juli 2003
34 38
An Asian Mofo
Those Daks smell like theyv been eatin theyr own asses.
von Bulla 6. September 2003
5 14
Slang for shite
Cor mate i need one hell of a barry white
von Bulla 18. Juli 2003
44 80