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The way old people say goodbye.
Toodaloo my darling.

Toodaloo fucker.
von CJDJ 12. September 2005
Eh, what can you say...shit happens.

Life is the most widespread sexually transmitted desease, far surpassing AIDS. Life is deadly in every occurence. There is currently no cure for life. Common side affects are depression, love, hunger, and diarrhea.

If you feel the sudden urge to bone a girl as most infected people do, please buy a condom so you don't pass on the desease. Thankyou.
I've already spread life to 13 people, each with a different momma.
von CJDJ 12. September 2005
1. The act of your weewee/vagina leeking.
2. Sometimes forced act of urinating.
I am peeing on your leg.

Bobby can't stop peeing his pants.

She is peeing abnormally.
von CJDJ 12. September 2005
The shortlived world in which we all wish we lived in at one time. Formed in 1997 by five girls called the Spice Girls decending from Great Britain. It was a fun colourful world full of craziness. Some popular past times in SpiceWorld were film, music, and lip-synching.

Unfortunatley it was destroyed in May 1998 when one of the five original settlers, Geri Halliwell decided to blow the damn place up and start her own shit somewhere else. No longer was it fun.

Geri Halliwell now wishes she didn't destroy SpiceWorld. No one knows what happenned to the other girls really... Some people say they have seen them since the end of SpiceWorld, but there haven't been enough reported occurances to be deemed credible.
SpiceWorld is crap.

Did you make this shit up?! I wanna move there!! wee!
von CJDJ 12. September 2005
If you can't sleep you may consider committing suicide. A sometimes peaceful way of dealing with your sleep disorder.
Bobby committed suicide. Bobby never woke up. :(
von CJDJ 12. September 2005
A silly state where no one wants to live. If you were born in Alabama you have no real future. Alabama is infected with poor people.
My names Bobby-Jo and I was born in Alabama, would you like some corn?

Aw shit Alabama isn't even worth a dictionary definition. Peace out bitches.
von CJDJ 12. September 2005
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