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Doddington is located inbetween the inbred town of Chatteris and the cat loving society of Wimblington. It has a hospital which works less days than a man on the doll from Manchester and is most famous for the fact that the only pubs in the village are 20 feet apart. In the centre of the village is a clocktower built in 1897 in commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria, which when drink driving home from the two pubs is a pain in the arse to miss. The inhabitants love a good moan which includes how much Doddington is a shit-hole and want to move yet are sucked in to stay because its boredom is enjoyable and they're miserable bastards. It is most famous for the fact that the only pubs in the village are 20 feet apart. It also has one shop which sells goods cheaper than Wimblington's making it a bargain for the locals and one less thing to moan about.
'I like imbreds and cats, I think I may move to Doddington.'

Pascal: 'Hey Jimmy, did your mum find a house to move to?'
Jimmy: 'Nope, we decided to stay here because we love a good moan.'
von CLACALAL 2. November 2011
Is one of the most boring places on the earth with one shop, 2 churches and a load of cats. Usually inhabited by people who would rather move to Chatteris because they love forks. The main attraction is a horse whose cock can grow rapidly and disappear and look like a female horse.
'I'm sick of Wimbo, I love forks and hate cats, I'm moving to Chatteris.'

'I really like horse penis, I may move to Wimblington.'
von CLACALAL 1. November 2011
A urinal which has more gum in it than a Wrigley's packet of gum.
'Hey, I just went to the urinal and it was a Wrigwee.'

Harry: 'Hey, have you seen the urinals in school, its a wrigwee!'
George: 'I know, the amount of gum, Wrigley's should be in fine business.'
von CLACALAL 3. November 2011
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