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4 definitions by Dave Hill

The best rock n' roll singer of all time. Wrote the lyrics to all the best ac/dc songs. Unfortunately he died after a drinking binge in 1980 and was replaced by Brian Johnson. Even though Brian was a fucking good singer, there will only ever be one Bon Scott.
RIP Bon Scott. Long live rock n' roll.
von dave hill 20. Januar 2006
The technical definition of being a splinter cell means working alone, being invisible, and using agility and wits to infiltrate enemy compounds to achieve your goals. A splinter cell also has the right to exercise the "Fifth Freedom" - vaguely described as ability to eliminate any threat as seen fit without question.
I am a splinter cell.
von Dave Hill 22. Oktober 2003
Someone who takes people from behind
Fuck off me u backshafter!!!!!
von Dave Hill 4. Juni 2003
To fall over
Ha you Bailed!
von Dave Hill 4. Juni 2003