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Gordie Howe played pro hockey in parts of 5 decades. The Gordie Howe Sex Club is when you have sex with people born in five different decades.
"Hey, I saw you hitting on that cougar chick last night, what was with that?"
"It was perfect, she was born in 1959, so now I can punch my membership in the Gordie Howe Sex Club."
"Sweet, I guess I have to wait until 2018 to get mine."
von Doc Irysch 27. Mai 2013
When a number of things are irritating or causing you problems at once. The reference comes from describing a porn scene where a girl took double anal from a group of guys. Someone said, "She was having a Tylenol Weekend."
Bob can't find his keys, wallet, and he is running late for work - he must be having a Tylenol Weekend.
von Doc Irysch 31. Juli 2009
Big game hunters, girls that try to have sex with famous men.
Lou: "Can you believe all the Safari Girls after Tiger Woods?"
Reece: "Huh?"
Lou: "Big game hunters, girls that have sex with famous guys."
Reece: "And hope to get pregnant and the bucks with it."
Lou: "That would be the Rhino's horn, hahaha."
von Doc Irysch 22. Dezember 2009
Forgetting to remove your naughty video from the DVD player after you rub one off before your wife finds it.
Caused by the brain shutting off for a bit after a good wank.
Vin: "So why are you in the wife's doghouse?"
Joe: "Oh, she found my copy of 'DP Teens 2' I forgot in the DVD player."
Vin: "Ha ha, sounds like a case of pornesia."
Joe: "Arg, happens everytime."
von Doc Irysch 23. Dezember 2009
When the cover of a porn video is misleading or intentionally lies about what is actually in the video.
Mike: Dammit, I fell victim to another bate and switch last night.
Ike: What's that?
Mike: When the porn video doesn't match what is advertised on the cover. You know, like when the hot blonde with triple Es on the cover isn't in the movie.
When the movie advertises twins, but they appear in separate scenes. They say there is a Bukkake scene, but it is only a threesome. Promise double anal, but its only two guys taking turns. You think you're getting hot fresh teens but they have saggy boobs and c-section scars.
Ike: Yeah, dude, it is a cruel world out there.
von Doc Irysch 23. Dezember 2009
When a girl kisses you immediately after she swallows your load.
Jan: "So, did Greg make you swallow again last night?"
Marcia: "Yeah, but I kissed him right after, ha."
Jan: "Sounds like he got his just desserts, hahaha."
von Doc Irysch 24. Dezember 2009
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