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Besides meaning a good friend, Juif is also a fruit drink often consumed at parties by big kids. In the year 2003, records show over 3 cans of juif were consumed in the UK.

Many people are against the idea of Juif, because it reminds them of the days when Juice was readily available.
Linnel: Weeeeeeel, I'm glad we got that straight.
Flans: Hey John
Linnel: Yeah
Flans: I need some Juif
Linnel: I got some Juif
Flans: Well lets go to your house
Linnel: ok.. I'll meet you overthere
Flans: ok.............D is for drums, D is for Druuuuuums...
von Dr Quentin Q. Quinn 23. April 2005
In 1689-1690 King Esophies ruled over northern-Trastevere. He was known for and also expelled of his power for his lisp.

In his 1.5 years of rule, he had two biggest achivements. One being the Palatino Bridge, which is still standing today. Yet he is more famous for individually watching over all of his gold cleaners.

He names the gang of cleaners "Goldwassers", this is today thought to be due to his lisp.

The term is now rarely used.
King Esophies' Goldwassers found a goldern box, within the box, a Conan O'Brien.
von Dr Quentin Q. Quinn 5. April 2005
A Juif is a term that was created around 1970-1985 used mostly amoung Russian Poets who had assimilated into the land now known as Hazbeckistanian.

It is a term which describes a man which carries Matzah around the house with him, for what appears to be no apparent reason. He may also carry books which tell tales of a journey from Egypy.

In 1980 there was the world's first gathering/brunch of Juif's, it is now an anual event, world wide.
1)"Put those books down and come to bed, you juif! could you also pass me that envelope?"

2)"Western cultures evelove, unlike the plate of a Juif"

3)"Reading is what compleats my strenuous day of carrying this Matzah" -Suzie Gold (the movie star)
von Dr Quentin Q. Quinn 28. April 2005
A thing that pops up and tells you that you have new emails when they are pretty much all from one person.
"...the worst part tho was i felt really loved cos the doofanger popped up and said u have 5 new emails and they were pretty much all from you :P But thanks anyway!"
von Dr Quentin Q. Quinn 19. September 2006
Conan O'Brien is the name of the man found in a golden box in 1690 under the rule of King Esophies.

Unlike contemporary funny man Conan O'Brien, this Conan from 1690 filled mining tunnels with cloaks and apple peals for the rats.

see Goldwasser.
Conan O'Brien left his golden box, and outside the box, some Goldwassers.

"Mother, may Conan join us for dinner the Tuesday after next?"
von Dr Quentin Q. Quinn 7. August 2005
It has been predicted that in the year 2000, all computers that have not been run over by the (bound to happen) Monster Tuck Relay, will asplode. Although this time is far off and may be a waist of time thinking of, for it is the business of our children, as the amount of personal computers calculates, so does athe amount of things that will be asploding. An asplosion is like an explosion but very pixelated. Science warns of this era and we enter the 80's with caution.
Homestar: I'm not gonna lie to you, he flew away.
Strongmad: I have a funny hat!!!
Bubs: He jumped some of my busses!
von Dr Quentin Q. Quinn 22. April 2005
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