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3 definitions by Exocette

See the vehicular definition of FUV.
My Hummer gets 0.5 mpg downhill and averages 2 complaints per owner (according to JD Power and Associates). w00t!
von Exocette 19. Januar 2004
Humorous variation of "Sports Utility Vehicle" (SUV), also known as The Hummer.

Purchased and driven by insecure Yuppies who want to be the first kids on the block to melt the polar icecaps.
Nyah nyah! My overpriced FUV burns more fossil fuel than a postwar Kuwaiti oilfield and has the turning radius of an aircraft carrier to boot. F*** U!
von Exocette 19. Januar 2004
See communist.
Fidel Castro is a linux user.
von Exocette 19. Januar 2004