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Ar⋅lene /ɑrˈlin/ Show Spelled Pronunciation ahr-leen

Someone possessing great beauty and kindness. Arlenes are generally good natured and soft spoken, but when startled or angered they internalize their rage and begin to gnaw on their fingers, when their intense anger finally boils over they often become violent and will seek revenge by performing a "Sunday" on your car. Arlenes tend to be very complex and have dual sides to their personalities. They can be at the same time very understanding and very insensitive. When observing an Arlene in the wild be on the look out for her special mating dance, it is unmistakable. No man can resist the lurid temptations of her dance. Once a Arlene has seduced you with her dance, there is no escape from her clutches. It has been noted that even in death there is no escape from the constant wanting and desire that she brings.
"Wow she really has you whipped, she must be a total Arlene!"
von honeyboy 3. Februar 2010
A portmanteau of "flop" and "fabulous", used to ironically describe a failure in a positive light.
"Amanda's vegetarian party was truly flopulous"

"I had a flopulous attempt at trying to bike up that mountain"
von HoneyBoy 9. August 2013
A bridesmaid who, upon learning that she's in the running for the position of Maid of Honour, begins to schmooze to tip the odds in her favour. This could include flattery, doing favours, buying gifts and other general ass-kissing.
Alvin: "What's with Mary? She never has time for me anymore"
Toni: "That's because she's too busy being Kate's bribesmaid"
Alvin: "Oh man, not again"
von HoneyBoy 7. Oktober 2015
An exclamation used to emphasize strong agreement with something that has just been said.
Michelle: "I've had enough of this job, I'm quitting after this order"
Kasheena: "Bitch preach!"

Lydia: "These four-dollar short shorts from Kmart are the shizz!"
Kasheena: "Bitch preach!"
von HoneyBoy 21. Dezember 2015
The severe feelings of anxiety someone develops from their alarm clock ringtone.

Often this anxiety is triggered when the person hears their alarm tone during normal day hours. Upon hearing the ringtone, the person usually feels disturbed or in need to quickly silence the phone as it brings about torturous feelings of being disturbed from a peaceful sleep.
Nathan: "What happened to your phone?"
Kelly: "My alarm clock ringtone went off during lunch by accident and I got a serious case of Ringtone Trauma so I threw it at the wall"
Nathan: "Are you ok?"
von HoneyBoy 16. März 2014
When a guy rests his hand or head on the wall in front of him while peeing over the toilet for extra support. Usually necessary when a guy is drunk, tired or just needs to achieve an optimum peeing angle.
Sam: "I was so wasted last night I couldn't stand upright while peeing, so I had to resort to urinforcement"
von HoneyBoy 16. März 2016
The act of covering someones car in the ingredients typically used for making a hot fudge sunday in an act of retaliation. Most often done in an inebriated state, outside creepy dive bars like the Cove.
I am wasted. why is my car handle sticky? Damn some one made a sunday on my car! Well at least it smells good.
von honeyboy 5. Februar 2010
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