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14 definitions by Jonballz

What the five fingers said to the face.
I'm Rick James bitch!
von Jonballz 12. Februar 2004
1108 353
the ability to use a dorito, some duct tape, and a paper clip to create a time machine.
I dont know what im talkin about.
von Jonballz 8. Februar 2004
466 114
Bull dyke= lesbian
Ass spelunker= homosexual
Midgets= little people
Retards= mentally handicapped
Black guys= African Americans
Chinamen= Asian Americans
American Indian= Near extinction
Cracker= That honky white boy
Uncle Hank= A2A
Esham= PAGNF
Stupid= Stoopid
Those are few of many.
von Jonballz 11. Februar 2004
104 24
A retard set ablaze.
Im sorry Ms. Johnson, your kids a flametard.
von Jonballz 8. Februar 2004
38 9
Do you has?
Do you has what it takes to join the homestarmy? The guts? The determination? The five bucks? Join today!
von Jonballz 10. Februar 2004
26 12
Another way of saying you would have sex with that girl right over there.
That girl is wouldable for real.
von Jonballz 10. Februar 2004
7 0
A game in which you and various friends submerge your genitalia into to scalding hot, abrasive liquids and see who can last the longest.
That round of dip the donkey was damn competitive.
von Jonballz 8. Februar 2004
11 7