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9 definitions by Katy!

Latin lover type with greesed hair, gold chains, flowing shirt, the whole bit. Said person usually has largely inflated ego and a slight lisp.
Hey, check out rico suave over there...
von Katy! 20. Juli 2002
628 415
ya don´t say! Most often used to express surprise or shock.
Hey, guess what! Jamie´s got one in the oven...
¡no me digas!
von Katy! 20. Juli 2002
66 14
synonimous with "damn it," used to express consternation, displeasure, and frustration alike
"Hey Shaquanda, there is sand all over your sheets."
Shaquanda: "Dirty hell."
More effective if there is a notable pause between the words.
von Katy! 20. Juli 2002
40 23
the act of occupying ugly friend of guy your friend is trying to get on
Hey, Cat, ya wanna cover third base for me while I hook this dude?
von Katy! 20. Juli 2002
1 4
To emit partially digested food from the mouth, often in projectile fashion
I think I´m going to spew!
Wow, did she just spew on her dinner?
von Katy! 20. Juli 2002
84 107
Gravy, dawg!
von Katy! 20. Juli 2002
4 27
see "spew"
von Katy! 20. Juli 2002
6 30