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3 definitions by KozmikDude

A cute whore one has a romantic crush on.
A {tart-throb}.
Kurt couldn't help returning to Madame Sin-Sin's as he was caught up in an expensive {homance} with prossiepoppet Peaches Longtime.
von KozmikDude 10. Mai 2009
A prostitute one has fallen in love with.
The subject of a {homance}.
In the cheesy 90s movie "Pretty Woman" Richard Gere's tart-throb is played by Julia Roberts.
von KozmikDude 10. Mai 2009
the act of falling in love with a prostitute
My favorite example of homance is between Julia Roberts and Richard Gere in the cheesy 90s movie 'Pretty Woman'.
von KozmikDude 10. Mai 2009