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(or Morale Suppression Squad) A group of individuals who can manage to take the joy out of just about everything. (See buzz kill). These folks are miserable bastards and tend to hang out together because of their dysfunctional home or personal life.

Since they are miserable bastards The Morale Suppression Team thinks you should be as well. They are the folks who remind you that whatever you are doing and no matter how much fun you may be having, whatever it may be is against the rules or rude or whatever. No matter how stupid their objection may be they insist on sucking the life out of any room with their constant sniping, bitching and nit picking. Also See Mother In Law ,Jerry Falwelland Dr Phil

They are managers who schedule team meetings... on Friday...at 400 PM. They are Elementary school hall monitors. They are Nuns with metal rulers. They are Resident Assistants in college. They are Parking Enforcement cops who write tickets for parking 3 minutes before the free parking period begins. They are Airline Ticket agent who charge you $75 for being 1 pound over weight. They work in restaurants and refuse to items on the breakfast menu at 9:47. They are Republicans..They are the Morale Suppression Team and more than likely you know one or two or three...maybe you are one.

Oh shit, put away that blunt the Morale Suppression Team is coming!

Hey what happened to my sandwich dude...I wasn't finished!
Sorry dude the Morale Suppression Team came by and said there was no eating in the study area.

von KungFu Donut 7. Februar 2008
An expression taken from an old, old joke that describes a persons failure to grasp the obvious or demonstrate such intellectual ineptitude as to illicit a comment of " How Do It Know?"

The joke refers to a question posed to a scientist by a student ( or in variations IBM executive and employee, Republican and voter..ect...)"Sir in your opinion what is the worlds greatest invention?" asked a student. The scientist replied "The thermos bottle!" "Why?" asked the student, obviously confused. " Well" said the scientist, "it keeps cold drinks cold in the summer and hot drinks hot in the winter." holding up his thermos bottle in awe,"How do it know?"Also see No Shit Sherlock, Duh and George W Bush
The doctor looked at the thermometer then at the patients sweat covered brow and soaked bed clothes. "Any fever? "he asked the patient. " The nurse shook her head muttering in disbelief " How do it know? "
von KungFu Donut 7. Februar 2008
A derogatory reference to the Washington Redskins football club.
1.With that interception the Suckskins blew another opportunity to get in the playoffs. Dave, disheartened, took his Redskins ball cap and pissed on it. He would add it to his growing collection of urine stained Redskins caps.

2. You took the Susckskins in the football pool? Dude thats rank.
von KungFu Donut 10. Februar 2008
Occurs around the middle of the third quarter of the Super Bowl. The Stupor Bowl is when the guys who have been drinking since 2:00 finally collapse into a drunken stupor in front of the TV.
Damn dude, what was that noise? Oh its just Dave; stupor bowl...Oh crap he just puked in the dip.
von KungFu Donut 7. Februar 2008
A female celebrity, politician or public figures known privately for a condescending attitude, enormous sense of self entitlement and surly behavior. A-Bitch's are generally referred to lovingly by "friends", family and coworkers as:
-That fucking a-bitch( enter name here)!,
-(enter name here)queen bitch of the universe
-self centered ,egomaniac (enter name here)A-BITCH
-occasionally , mother ( See Susan Hayward or Nancy Reagan)
- Counselor
-Oh here come that a-bitch down the red carpet.yells "Don't trip...A-BITCH"
-You took the last diet soda...do you have to be such a a-bitch?
-I can believe they gave the part to that a-bitch. Whore.
von KungFu Donut 3. Februar 2008
1. Something made at home.
2. Something made by ho's.
1. That cake sure was good, ho made foe-sure.
2. That cake tastes like ass, ho made foe-sure.
von KungFu Donut 18. Februar 2008
The act of substituting cell phone texting for actual cell phone conversation, usually practiced by married couples.
Instead of calling my wife while away on business trips, I practiced textitution.

husband : whats on tv?
wife : CSI
husband : OK ,BFF
wife: BFF
von KungFu Donut 10. Februar 2008
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