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3 definitions by Loki the Croaky

1. a drinking spree;
2. a male homosexual;
3. a recumbent bicycle made by Bender Custom Bicycles of Garden City, Idaho.
Every Saturday night, these benders go on a bender on their Benders.
von Loki the Croaky 5. August 2005
631 385
There is nothing more to say about the subject.
Those from the Boston area remarked that around there they tended to bang a Louie rather than hang one (or even just sedately take one), which was taken by the less charitable on the list as a comment on the driving habits of Bostonians. ’Nuff said.
von Loki the Croaky 24. Januar 2005
94 30
An interrogative sentence marker.
Why is it impossible to submit a definition for "bender" on Urban Dictionary?
von Loki the Croaky 12. April 2005
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