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By far the most under rated album ever. Many people claim that Metallica sold out because they tried a different style. But I say to these people, listen to Kill Em' All, then listen Ride The Lightning. There is a definite difference between the two albums. Metallica has always been known to change their styles with each album. And that's a good thing. Bands need to evolve. If they sound exactly the same on every album, what's the point of owning every album. Metallica has never sold out with any album. Any true fan of Metallica would know this.
Person: Have you heard the last Metallica album St. Anger. I am a die hard fan of Metallica but this album sucks.
Me:Why did it suck.
Person: Because it was different from their other albums.
Me: And... Did Black Album sound anything like Kill Em' All.
Person: No...
Me: Tell me. If every album sounds the same what's the point of owning them all. I suggest you listen and actually try to like St Anger.
von Okita-Kun 5. Juni 2005
Boy bands with electric instruments. People who listen to Pop Punk have never heard real punk bands like The Offspring, or Green Day. Wait a second. They have heard of both bands, unfortuanately both bands have sold out to this disgrace. Darn it all.

BTW, How the hell did Avril Lavigne fall under Punk.
Pop Punk Fan: I went to a B182 concert. I'm so punk.

Me: No you're not. I bet you have never heard of great bands like The Offspring or Green Day.

Pop Punk Fan: Yes I have, I just bought American Idiot.

Me: Oh wait, I forgot. Both bands suck now. I hate idiots who think that pop has a place in punk.

von Okita-Kun 18. September 2005
A console that has potential to do something great however, doesn't really do much to excecute. This is nothing to do with the fact that the games are often marketed to children (though Nintendo has said their self that they for the most part develop family games).

Gamecube has a very limited game selection. I can count one FPS and three RPGS that I have seen on GCN (that I have seen. I'm almost sure that there is more).

Call me Nintendo Basher if you wish. However, I grew up with Nintendo. I am a big fan of the original NES and SNES which are both better consoles than GCN
Me: Gamecube is okay as far as a console goes but it's game selection is to limited.

Video Game N00b: You are a Nintendo Basher.

Me: Really, if you think you are a Nintendo fan then name three games from Nintendo's classic consoles.
von Okita-Kun 4. Februar 2006
A great song and the only good song on GD's new album. Needless to say, I downloaded this song. The album sucked.

This tied with, Good Riddance, Scattered, Pulling Teeth, Redundent, The Grouch, Hitchin' A Rid, Nice Guys Finish Last, Basket Case, Welcome To Paradise, and All The Time is Green Day's best songs.
Boulevard is the only song on American Idiot that measures up to GD's classic songs.
von Okita-Kun 27. Juni 2005
Here is the true defintion.

The most important fact about a metal head is a person who is dedicated to the music. Not just classic metal or thrash or death metal. Nu Metal is metal to. I listen to all kinds of music death metal, thrash metal, and even Nu Metal. You people who are saying that Korn or Limp Bizkit are not true metal bands are not true metal heads so much as closed minded people who are afraid of change.

Another important part of being a metal head is you have to be a loner and only hang out with other metal heads. They can often be aggressive from being isolated from the rest of the world. However, they're very friendly towards fellow metal heads. They are not always likely to win in a fight like some have said. Many are wimps from sitting inside and listening to music or playing their instruments all day.

Many metal heads have longer hair but it's not a necessity. Leather is also not necissary and I prefer to not have it. Some heads wear clothes that are a little darker (not goth but similar) but again, it's not necisarry.

Gestures include swinghead back and forth with the rhythm of music which has been mentioned. But you guys forgot one important gesture. Devils horns. Index finger and pinky extended into the air.

Metal heads also have to be rebels. They do whatever they want whenever they want but they are not always lawless. They are much less likely to kill people than a rapper.
Ozzy Osbourne
James Hetfield
Johnathon Davis
Chester Bennington
Me and my crew.
von Okita-Kun 4. August 2005
A genre that like most genre of music has some good bands but also has some posers. The posers really make the genre look bad.

An example of a good bands would be Motley Crew.

An example of a poser band would be Kiss. They are more of a travelling theatrical group than they are actually a band.

But I must say Hair Metal really isn't metal at all. Nothing is heavy about it.
Me: What is your fav. type of metal.
Person: I like hair metal.
Me: But I said metal.
Person: They are metal, they have alot of hair.
Me: That has nothing to do with anything.
von Okita-Kun 4. Oktober 2005
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