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91 definitions by Patrick

The males penis. Small or big. Other people prefer the word Cock or Dick.
Christian has a small shlanger
von Patrick 29. März 2005
5 5
A disease usually exhibited by those of small stature, in which they constantly threaten to 'beat the shit out of' people many times their size.
The name is derived from the fact that many breeds of small dog (ex. chihuahuas) are usually vicious, yet they can do no real harm.
"That little nigger there, he's got him a case of small dog syndrome".
von Patrick 19. Februar 2005
37 37
basically a bigger word than jumbo basically two jumbo's combined to make a word bigger than jumbo
you yuor calves are jumumbo
von Patrick 29. Januar 2005
1 1
process of having sex very quickly and falling over to sleep immediately after
That bitch was so annoying, I had to pull a pump n' sleep on her.
von Patrick 15. März 2004
5 5
You didn't put gas in the car, oh that's smizzart!
von Patrick 27. Oktober 2003
1 1
having an extensive vocabulary
guy named gal is somewht vocabulose
von patrick 17. März 2005
0 1
A man who cuts rocks with a knife and sleeps standing up wherever he can. The Dustin Nath requires great skill holding a rock in one hand and sleeping while taking a piss.
I went to bed but woke up in the hallway with a rock in my pants, I guess I slept like a dustin nath.
von Patrick 13. März 2005
5 6