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4 definitions by Silence Dogood

Slang; gathering an idea of how large a man's penis is by looking at his "package" underneath his pants.
She couldn't help basket shopping with all the tight pants being worn by men around her.
von Silence Dogood 11. Mai 2005
99 20
also floozy, floozie; a female prostitute or someone who is very easy, promiscuous, slutty, etc.
That girl looks like a flooze in those short shorts and tight top.
von Silence Dogood 11. Mai 2005
56 9
an Adjective used to describe how someone or something is lickible or good enough to lick all over.
David's sister is lickilicious
von Silence DoGood 15. Juni 2006
9 1
The area between a woman's breasts
She has two great big hills separated by a fruitful valley.
von Silence Dogood 11. Mai 2005
53 49