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3 definitions by Silent Ricochet

A word used to say helicopter. Mostly used in the armed forces.
Is the helo at the LZ yet?
von Silent Ricochet 19. April 2006
80 15
Although rarely used, it is also known as the tank barriers used by the Germans in World War II. These large, heavy, spikey barriers are mostly known for their use in Normandy, France on D-Day (june 6,1944)
He took cover behind the hedgehog as bullets pelted the sand around him.
von Silent Ricochet 19. April 2006
82 47
The word pertaining to a liquid, or other substance that is commonly called or known as disgusting, dirty, or gross.

What the hell is that scog in your ear?

Awww, theres like, scog in my pool
von Silent Ricochet 19. April 2006
5 16