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5 definitions by Sinwah

Nature's rubix cube
Her clitoris was so big it was like an erection
von Sinwah 18. Juni 2004
The act of bolding and underlining a word, giving greater strength to the word, kind of like giving it a penis enlargement.
I bunderlined my text to make a point, too bad bioxeed hates bunderlining, he k-lined me for it.
von Sinwah 5. Juli 2004
Something that applies to everyone but yourself
Police: Excuse me Sir/Madam, but you weren't following the road rules
Driver: The what-who?
von Sinwah 16. Juli 2003
An ugly persons face
My God, how tragic is her face?
von Sinwah 13. Juli 2003
To perform modern art.
Friend: What's your job?
Artist: Defacing stuff
von Sinwah 8. Juli 2003