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5 definitions by Thomas Christian

A more accurate version of Sounds like a plan, because it doesn't sound like a plan, it *is* a plan.
Person 1: "Lets go to the movies."
Person 2: "Sounds like a flan!"
Person 1: "Err...great."
von Thomas Christian 30. April 2008
20 9
An annoying or useless person.
"Jenny is such a piece of assplankton"
von Thomas Christian 27. Juni 2007
11 2
A high five with two hands, also known as a high ten.
"You scored with those twins? Double five!"
von Thomas Christian 2. Oktober 2008
6 0
A portmanteu word of "awesome" and "excelent," combining the best of both.
Last night was so awesulent, we hooked up with these two hot chicks!
von Thomas Christian 28. Juni 2007
6 1
1. A number of bad things happening or grouped together.

2. An uninteligent or uncultured person.
1. "This new Labour government is one big fuckclump."

2. "Jeez, you're such a fuckclump sometimes."
von Thomas Christian 27. Juni 2007
6 2