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28 definitions by Tori

preppy girls ofetn wear classic looking styles. a girl that is often streiotyped as a snob just as blondes of beign stupid, because she doesn't like to look like a slob. she has an amazing fashion sence and is envied by most girls therefore instead of being like they would rather tear down the preppy girl to feel better about their own pitiful fashoin statements.
that preppy girl is the only person i know who is over 10 and under 25 that can wear pearls and look adorable!
von tori 14. April 2005
black- hand job
white-blow job
pink- lap dance
yellow-whut ever the snapper wants
blue-make out
whut ever
von tori 19. April 2004
I dont really know why there is so much talk about these damn braclets...I really dont think that people are actually fucking because someone broke there "black braclet...well at least I didn't." Come on people get over it. My 4 year old sister has a pink one that i gave her. I really dont think that someone is going ot brake it and expect her do do something with them "and if they do I will kill them." The first one that I ever had was a black one and my dad saw it he told me that "he knew what it meant and he really didnt want me to waer it." I didnt even know what it meant "whatever." Whoever made up the "snap" game I would like to thank you because everytime some stupid horney little boy brakes my braclets...I get the chance to beat the hell out of him and tell him that he better buy me a new one or I will beat the hell out of him again. They're just braclets...I dont think that people are actually doing what they mean and if they are then they are prolly just horney and enjoy the attention. It is a "fad" it will pass and something else will take its place and then they will be trying to ban that from every school too.
boy~haha I broke your "black bracklet" now we have to fuck
~snap, crakel, pop~
boy~ouch "F@*^"
me~haha I broke you hand... now you need to get me a new braclet... oh yea don't f@7*ing mess with my braclets again....or I will brake the other hand
boy~alrigth alright...!...
von Tori 16. Juli 2004
Oxycodone is a very strong narcotic pain reliever. It is meant to be taken in pill form not broken, eaten, or crushed.

Taking it in crushed form can result in a drug overdose.
I was presribed oxycodone after syrgery
von Tori 16. Februar 2004
typing in a random word to the Google search engine and whacking the internet for it
i'm bored, i'm gonna go do some googlewhacking and find some cool pix
von Tori 27. November 2003
A male's hairy ball sack
Fred has a great doodlesack
von Tori 2. Februar 2005
relating to a squirrel in the sense that one has numerous amounts of nuts in his/her mouth (nuts being male testicles)
Ashley was squirreling Brian the other night in the back seat of his car.
von Tori 4. Januar 2004