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3 definitions by Wonko

One of a species of incredibly old, incredibly intelligent, incredibly cute ravenous monsters. Their mortal enemies are the Brainspawn.
My species is long lived, and are celebrated poopers. - Nibbler
von Wonko 16. Februar 2004
44 19
meaningless prattle that people often go on with, unconnected with anything anyone actually cares about but that fills up dead air space in a conversation
Cut the frabberjabber you noog!
von wonko 24. Dezember 2003
5 0
A homosexual (usually used in association with Boston College and Boston University athletes past and present)
1) Brian Gionta is a BC fagit.
2) I hope that BU Fagit Rick DiPietro never gets out of the AHL
3) You're a fagit.
von wonko 16. Januar 2003
41 99