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5 definitions by awesofrickintastic

Frickin' fantastically awesome!

"Dude, did you see TRANSFORMERS?"
"No, I had to pick raspberries."
"That sucks, but the movie was awesofrickintastic!"
von awesofrickintastic 7. Juli 2007
62 25
It's like... umm.. sort of like a ... hmm.. it's... it's a word that is used when you.. uhh... ok sorry, it's hard to explain.
Inexplicable things:
Who assassinated...
von awesofrickintastic 30. August 2007
26 16
The Elderscrolls Forums. TESF.

Dedicated to the discussion and modding of The Elderscrolls games including Arena, Daggerfall, Battlespire, Morrowind, Oblivion and Redguard while also having a lively Community Discussion board.
Avoid Oblivion General in TESF.
von awesofrickintastic 18. August 2007
1 0
The term spotted owl means ass.

It originated on the TESF board where it automatically replaced the word "ass" through the autocensor. Once the board switched to replacing curse words with the word "censored" in brackets, the term's intentional use increased as older members referenced the old autocensor.
You're such a spotted owl.
von awesofrickintastic 7. Oktober 2007
5 10
Oh my gosh!
Darn it.
Shankers... I lost again.
von awesofrickintastic 13. August 2007
4 15