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67 definitions by casey

A sex position where the girl is on her hands while the guy lifts her up by her legs and jams his penis into her vaginia.
The crabs position is a very freaky way of getting down and dirty.
von Casey 9. Februar 2005
31 10
simply, a vagina. it was used in canterbury tales, some story i was reading in school and my teacher said it meant vagina.
i licked her quimm. she liked it cuz im good at it.
von Casey 22. November 2004
42 21
Short, business-like hair in the front and long, Trailer Trash-like hair in the back. Also known as the "10-90", the "neckwarmer", and the "beaver paddle".
"Did you see that dudes 10-90?"

"He looks like my sister!"
von Casey 28. November 2004
39 19
A sex act in which the male is hitting the female doggystyle, when he is about to come, he swipes her arms out from under her and then pushes her around by her ankles until he comes.
She had rugburn on her nose from my bloody wheelbarrow
von Casey 24. November 2003
29 9
cum dripping from a butthole.
after doing anal with a female, the cum leaks from her butthole. Thus creating an image of a leaking donut.
von Casey 24. Februar 2005
25 7
a complete instance of something; all of something
That girl is the whole shebang.
von Casey 10. Oktober 2003
45 26
Another word for jacking off
Corey did the four knuckle shuffle while thinking about April.
von Casey 28. April 2003
22 5