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32 definitions by flip

Dench like in nature!
Doodle, your such a Doodle.
von flip 20. Januar 2004
2 30
Kindest way to say "fat."
Katie is a plus-size model because she's fat but would be attractive if she wasn't.
von Flip 26. April 2004
53 94
a number of homosexual persons. also a britsh term for a smokes
look at all those fags there's a lot fo gay going on over there . or look at john he's smoking a fag. Man i thought john was gay but i mean come on sleeping all those fags that's kinda pushing it if you know what i mean
von flip 6. Dezember 2002
203 255
1. Slang for homosexual
1. Watch that ass, they got a punk behind you.
von FLiP 5. November 2004
98 427