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5 definitions by jake b

earthy, hippie-ish
That chick doesn't shave her armpits; she's hella granola.
von jake b 27. Mai 2002
An attempt to pleasure a women by sticking 4 fingers up the vagina and 4 others up the ass hole and connecting thumbs while attempting to touch the finger's tips together to form a triangle
Jake wanted to pleasure Karen, who had been pleasured many times before, so he gave her the Def Con Triangle for all out pleasure.
von Jake b 28. Dezember 2005
the British way to say fart
Your pooter just made a nasty pumpy!
von jake b 27. Mai 2002
vagina also: nuss
spread the nuss.
von jake b 9. Juni 2002
adj. supremely cool/better than everything else
she wears prada shoes to the bitchy is that?
von jake b 9. Juni 2002