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167 definitions by jpg3

To be humiliated in front of ones family.
Its not a good feeling to be familiated.
von jpg3 7. Dezember 2011
After using the restroom to relieve oneself this is a process of using an excessive amount of toilet paper and wrapping it around ones hand repeatedly so the end result resembles an oven mitt, usually performed by overweight persons having large rearends and requiring extra tissue paper than average sized individuals.
John clogged the toilet again because he uses the Oven Mitt method to wipe.
von jpg3 14. Mai 2010
The act of performing oral sex on a male penis.
Midway thru happy hour at the local bar one girlfriend asked another where their other girlfriend went and was told " Oh, she took that hunky guy out to the car to make out, she's probably honkin' on bobo by now, lol"
von jpg3 24. Juli 2010
A real man that steps up and takes care of some other guys children after having wed their mother. This man is helping his wife to raise the children and he is either appreciated or he isn't. Not all stepdads are mean, bullies, assholes, etc. that abuse the head of household position. There are stepdads that really do care and only want the best for his " family ". Not all stepdads are some loser these kid's mom picked up someplace. Most moms put a lot of thought into choosing the man she wants to help take care of those she dearly loves.
Two teens were hanging out talking about life at home. One told the other how his stepdad didn't respect him and treated him like crap. The other teen responded " Wow dude, that sucks, my stepdad is the best thing that ever happened for my mom and me."
von jpg3 10. August 2010
A step parent, either male or female, whom weds someone that has children from a prior failed relationship. The "stepsucker" provides shelter, clothing, food, financial support, stability, etc., etc. to stepchildren that always take yet do not give and are more than willing to live off of someone they resent and have no respect for. The "stepsucker" is permitted the obligation of having to help raise the children but are not allowed to discipline them. Any step parent that is called dad or mom by loving appreciative children is exempt from this definition.
After opening the big expensive presents and tossing the wrapping paper onto the floor the children were asked by their step parent to please pick up the trash and put it in the bin to which the step children replied, " You can't tell us what to do your not our real parent, your just the stepsucker, LOL"
von jpg3 9. August 2010
The act of rolling an overweight woman in flour so you can find the wet spot thereby locating a hole to have sex.
While watching a guy leave the bar with a very large woman a chick turned to her friend and exclaimed, " Oh wow, that dudes going to have to flourfatty, LOL "
von jpg3 19. Juli 2010
The fear of doing household chores such as laundry, cleaning, making the bed, etc. , often suffered by lazy people also affected with dishphobia.
When the teenager asked about spending the night over a friends house the parents reply was, " Maybe, if you can overcome your chorephobia and do what we asked first."
von jpg3 5. August 2010