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13 definitions by kg

Door that open upward. Usualy front doors of custom made Tuning cars.

Orgininaly equiped on Lamborghini Countach/Diablo/Murcielago etc...
I just put some sick lamborghini doors on my M3.
von KG 12. August 2004
usually used to make fun of someone after a really bad joke
person one:if ur momma would stand in front of the sun, there would be an eclipse.
person two:cha-cha!
von kg 2. März 2004
a weed carrier can also be a rapper who has become famous because of their boss
for example, G-Unit is 50 cents weed carriers
von KG 16. April 2005
referral to a really hot girl
ddu see that kusit!!!?!?
von kg 2. März 2004
Hair growth in the pubic region. Used in Sara in the television series C.S.I. Season 5 Episode 8.
That's a lot of bikini wax. Some girls hate the nether stubble.
von KG 15. April 2005
A rural area designated for burnination.
May be sparsely populated with thatched-roof cottages and peasants.
Trogdor burninated the countryside.
von KG 20. März 2003
Said of a person that is all dressed up
G'dup from the feet up
von Kg 14. Oktober 2003