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30 definitions by mike comanche

A FAT person. Someone who worships food.
Cris is a foodist.

A buddhist?

No, a FOODIST. She is FAT.
von Mike Comanche 10. März 2009
17 2
People who are connected to each other via the transmission of an STD.
BOB: Jane is such a fox!

JOE: Yeah, the sad part is, we are part of the same STD chain, but, I have never actually fucked her.

BOB: What?

JOE: Jane gave herpes to Kate, that ugly bi chick I fucked last summer when I was waisted, and Kate gave me herpes. So Jane and I are in the same STD chain.

BOB: Oh, I get it! Cool.
von Mike Comanche 4. März 2009
19 5
A teenage female.
I love bethulah ATM.
von Mike Comanche 5. März 2009
15 2
You are fucking your woman. Your cock is in her, and your hands are touching the bed (preferably the headboard if there is one), but every other part of your body is "in the air" (not touching anything). Thrusting is often assisted by pulling and pushing on the headboard.
Just before I cum, I like to employ the flying fuck maneuver and ream Sarah's pussy.
von Mike Comanche 5. März 2009
25 12
Someone who spends all of their time on the internet.
Poindexter is a 40 year old virgin. Why? Cuz he's a Net Nerd!
von Mike Comanche 4. März 2009
14 1
The Southern (USA) way to say "Did you eat?"
I'm hungry!

Jew eat yet?
von Mike Comanche 4. März 2009
32 20
'69 = 1969
I was born in '61,
and 8 in '69.
von Mike Comanche 5. März 2009
28 17