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34 definitions by roger the fabricator

n.(or adj), the way a person is when they uncritically believe unsubstantiated or unfounded ideas. Short for "woo woo".(See Russell's definition of woo woo)
Shirley believes that in a past life she was the Jolly Green Giant of Rainbowland. Shirley is very woo.
von roger the fabricator 24. Februar 2004
301 147
that which is less than a full meal
Mmm, these Funyuns are a mighty tasty snack.
von roger the fabricator 17. Februar 2004
112 24
the evil opposite of fun. That which more approximates work, school, hell. The antithesis of a good time. Boring. Monotonous. Drudgery. Lifeless, limp, lame. No Fun.
Manufacturing widgets for Mr. Wanker's Widget factory is way unfun.
von roger the fabricator 19. Februar 2004
51 15
to get screwed in some way while taking the bus. Examples include: the bus being late, standing out in the rain/snow/cold, having a shitty driver, having someone talk your ear off/assault you, getting sick later because someone sneezed all over you, etcetera.
"What took you so long getting to work?"
"Oh, you know, mass transit- I got busfucked."
von roger the fabricator 10. Februar 2004
80 57
n., a cutesy way of saying "snacks"
"Man, this weed is killer. Let's go down to the packy and get some munchies."
von roger the fabricator 5. Februar 2004
41 19
n., seagulls or robot seagulls that hang around on piers/pilings or where airplanes board looking for "suspicious activity". Work for the government. Fascists.
"Is that a real seagull on that railing?"
"Or is it a homeland security seagull?"
"Welcome to the police state."
von roger the fabricator 12. Februar 2004
33 12
adj., smaller than bumps and larger than stubble.
Linda's vibrator is nubbly like goosebumps.
von roger the fabricator 16. Februar 2004
7 0