45 definitions by sally

used when talking about an ex boyfriend or when talking about someone who dose somthing stupid to hurt you.
did you talk to shit head today
von sally 14. Februar 2005
small little indian girl.
i hear slig makes amazing curry
von sally 10. Juni 2004
To receive a handjob or blow job from that of the opposite (or same depending on which ever the fuck way you sway) sex.
"I chubbed that fat ass like there was no tomorrow"
"my first chub it experience was from my child molesting uncle."
von Sally 6. Mai 2005
a girl that is fairy-like.
That girl is nymphette.
von sally 22. Juni 2004
a saucy white girl from texas
Crispin is one hot momma.
von sally 4. April 2005
Flat and fugly, used to define and describe people uder weight and selfish.
She's so fleet. She fleets herself around ruining the atmosphere with her fugly body.
von Sally 19. März 2005
a bitch and a hoe
she is an alum
von Sally 2. Juli 2003

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