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3 definitions by squirrel girl

A pill used also for R.L.S. (restless leg syndrome) and also in my case helps rapid heart beats durring anxiety attacks.
Note: I've never snorted anything so painfull in my life. I suggest parachute it or just taking it regular.
"The generic form of Klonopin is Clonazepam."
von squirrel girl 9. Februar 2006
273 183
The expensive smoke... MARIJUANA!
"I don't smoke cigarettes, I only smoke the gourmet tobacco."
von squirrel girl 9. Februar 2006
13 5
To have a blow is to have an attack on ones situation or being.
"what you did was a big blow to my relationship"
"I didn't mean it as a blow."
von squirrel girl 14. Februar 2006
43 40