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3 definitions by the_end

Military slang from the Vietnam war. Fucked up, got ambushed, zipped in. Means got killed and zipped up in a body bag. Also used as a fucked up situation.
Man that meeting was F.U.G.A.Z.I.
von the_end 30. Mai 2007
24 19
Someone who crys passionately when their "idol" doesn't win.
Man, Simon was talking smack to Clay last night and Jenny went all American Crydol on me.
von the_end 30. Mai 2007
2 0
Someone who idolizes/ wants to become a CSI.
Man, Joe was pulling fiber samples off of my shirt last night at the bar. He's a total C.S.Idol.
von the_end 30. Mai 2007
1 2