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7 definitions by truckintim12

when you are tightening up your butt & gravy leaks out
Dan: "God, please...Jesus, please let me make it to the restroom!"(as Dan races towards the restroom, he squinches his butt) "OOPS, I feel gravy!"
von truckintim12 16. November 2012
241 47
when you are taking a crap & it feels like your roids are busting.
Joe: "I took a roid buster this morning!"

Fred: "That sounds like a personal problem!"
von truckintim12 6. November 2012
176 5
When a second person (who usually is a kid or a whimp) says when someone seems to have more of a mental & physical power over you. They tell you to leave because of a particular problem.
Don: "you don't pick on my younger brother, GET OUT OF HERE!"

Lil Joey: "Yea, get outta here!"
von truckintim12 27. November 2012
149 5
any driver that has a 9 to 5 job. After 5pm, they get on the highway & cause "rush hour" traffic.
Trucker Tom: "I'd better go ahead & hit the road before those 5 O'clock follies screw up the highway!"

Trucker Joe: " you better hurry up, it's going on 4:30!"
von truckintim12 20. November 2012
165 23
an older person who is very happy about life & the things around him.
Brian: "Damn Carl, I only had 2 pieces of chicken out of that 12 piece family box last evening!", "you're such a pig!"

Carl: "Yo slap-happy-grand-pappy!"
von truckintim12 1. Januar 2013
123 3
It's what un-educated people say most of the time.
Me: "That Michelle sure does have a nice body!"

Tom: "YO, man, stop talking about my sister!"
von truckintim12 3. Dezember 2012
177 57
When you are trying to take a dump & it feels like a rock coming out of your arse.
"I am getting ready to take a dump & I hope it isn't one of those rock turds!"
von truckintim12 24. Januar 2014
8 0