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14 definitions by werther

A large yellowish-red FRUIT.
Man, that sure is one strange mango.
von Werther 20. November 2002
304 251
1. Object of masturbation.
2. Object of mooseterbation.
3. Something that performs tasks.
Dont use your head for it, I'll use my hand!
von Werther 23. September 2002
152 133
1. Object of fornication
2. Convenient place to stab someone and store their body without those bloody police ever knowing!
3. Large flat surface on which you perform tasks assigned to you.
I am going to my desk to "take care" of Jennifer, my secretary.
von Werther 19. September 2002
12 9
Where I put my drug money.
After the smash-up buisiness I did friday, I put the money in the bank.
von Werther 23. September 2002
28 26
Where you go to dispose of bodies.
I took my cousin "down to the river" last night, I sure do miss him.
von Werther 23. September 2002
76 75
What Snoop-Dogg does his laundry with.
Man you need some bleeach wit does hoes!
von Werther 7. Oktober 2002
6 8
1. Something with which to consume sustenance.
2. On the female, something that recieves "the shaft"
3. an object that recieves a "load"
Man I'll take care of her face....Muwhahahahahaha
von Werther 23. September 2002
4 11