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10 definitions by wittc

To wholly and instantly abandon your immediate action or plan
Guy 1 (talking to Rufus' girlfriend): So, any plans this weekend?
Guy 2: Yo, Rufus is coming - abort, abort.
von wittc 11. Dezember 2008
222 40
To leave the scene
Yo this party is wack, I'm gonna exfil.
von wittc 11. Dezember 2008
53 20
A wingman's duties
Rufus: Yo, run wing so I can holla at Portia.
Cornelius: I ran wing last night, it's your turn.
von wittc 11. Dezember 2008
44 24
To kill yourself - the ultimate abort
I was so embarrassed that I wanted to self-abort.
von wittc 11. Dezember 2008
7 2
The situation that is created when two people simultaneously post up at the urinals and are unable to urinate due to awkwardness. Both people must abort their attempts for the situation to be considered an orthodox double stunna - extremely rare.
I was in the handicapped stall and I saw Rufus and Cornelius execute a picture perfect Double Stunna.
von wittc 11. Dezember 2008
4 0
To physically locate yourself such that other people cannot converse with the person you or your friends are talking to.
Rufus, box out all the frat boys so Cornelius can run game on Portia.
von wittc 11. Dezember 2008
8 5
To kill yourself
Rufus: This hangover is devastating.
Guy 1: I feel so bad that I want to self-cancel.
von wittc 11. Dezember 2008
7 4