1.A group of amazing individuals who sigle handedly control 4chan and almost all of the internet

2. an unkown identity

c. awsome
Anonymous: We are legion we are one
newfag: STFU!
Anonymous: Die
newfag: Wh-*clunk*
von Joeinhemiervanshpitle 19. März 2008
The master of everything. By far the most creative and multi-talented being.
"This painting is by Anonymous. Wow, Anonymous thinks of everything."
von Manhattan Project 2. Mai 2005
Anonymous is word used to describe a group of people who unite under a single goal (usually connected to human rights or freedom of speech, with occasional goals "for the lulz"), do not reveal their identity and understand that in Anonymous identity is not important, and use a Guy Fawkes mask or a headless suit as their symbol. The use of these logos exclusively is done in order to show that Anonymous can be found all over the world.

Most groups that call themselves Anonymous are peaceful, but some groups are "hacktivists" that use more extreme measures to achieve their goal. In order to differentiate between the types of groups, please refer to and research the Operation, in other words the goal, they say they are part of.
Many Anonymous members are preparing to take part in Operation Onslaught on the 30th of July, as Phase One of The Plan.

Recently, 14 people from Anonymous were arrested in connection to Operation Payback, a successful attempt to DDoS several major credit card companies after they cut off financial ties with WikiLeaks.
von Anon2971 21. Juli 2011
Anonymous is not a person, it is not a group, it is an idea. Anonymous does not forgive, or forget. Mercy and pity do not are human restraints unknown to Anon.
Anonymous controls the internet, not for power, but for lulz.
von Solland 12. Februar 2008
Aha! To be astounded. An army of assholes, an association armed with an arsenal of asinine ambiguously adult anonymii. This ambidextrous armada, no mere attack force is an astounding assembly of articulate aristocrats. assuming the collective affliction has not atrophied, another day of ardent internet argument arises. Under the ambiguous aegis of internet anonymity, all annoying assertations may be announced with reckless abandon. the armored amplifiers of info, The antithesis of approbates, aided and abetted by all things arbitrary. Apology? do not forgive, do not forget. alas I am all aflutter, after the anticipation. You may call me anonymous.
The hackers calling themselves anonymous crashed systems and raided myspace.
von anonymous2222244 28. November 2007
1. Someone who is hiding their identity (the original definition)
2. A hacktivism/real-world protest group comprised of, well, really anyone that wants to be an anon. Large and decentralized, they originated on 4chan and the like. They then went after scientology, and now they are after those who oppose free speech. They have been largely hated upon by people who don't understand anything about them, and cannot be bothered to do some research. Somehow they are also blamed for anything any hacker does, even though that is like hating fruit because you happened to get the one rotten fruit in the whole store. They are like any other big group that gets a lot of attention: at the core, there are people who really do care about what they say they do, and either use the internet or real protests to help their cause, BUT, there are also idiot children (either literally or at heart, and not in the good way) who use the group to get attention. (usually identified by "wE tyP LyK dIS!") This happens to every group or organization that gets attention. Stop hating, just go outside or read something else.
Fred: I hate anonymous, they're a bunch of fags!
Room: Yes, Fred, we know. You also hate gays, jews, and fruit. stfu.

George: I got hacked! They stole my e-mail, password, and they're after my money! SCREW YOU ANONYMOUS!
Mike: Dude, you clicked on the FR33 p0rN!!!1!!!55566 e-mail. That's not Anonymous, that's your fault, retard.

Anon1: Man, I love protesting legally on the streets and taking down websites with no security to speak of for a good cause.
Anon2: I know, right!? It's also hilarious how pissed people get because they can't do a single thing about us!!
von BeFuckinMature 6. Juli 2011
This is what "they" call themselves. They are hackers on steroids, treating the web like a real-life video game. Sacking websites, invading Myspace accounts, disrupting innocent peoples’ lives - and if you fight back, WATCH OUT!

One such threat from this gang of computer hackers is “Destroy. Die. Attack”. They are able to get at least seven different passwords. They attack innocent people like an INTERNET HATE MACHINE.

They are strong, they do not forgive and they do not forget. Those who fight back face death threats, often to the effect of “I’m gonna ****** slit his throat”. They have even threatened to bomb sports stadiums. They are believed to be domestic terrorists, often occupying themselves with activities such as blowing up yellow vans.

Their name “Anonymous”, comes from their secret websites. These secret websites require anyone posting on the sites to remain anonymous.

Myspace users are among their favourite targets. One such user, known as David, was hacked, and his Myspace was plastered with gay sex pictures, causing his girlfriend to leave him, because she thought he was cheating on her with guys. They hacked his computer by crashing with a virus, and then used his email to infect everyone on his friends’ list.

They kill computers, known to have murdered at least 32 computers, known to have belonged to 32 of the 90 friends David had. David, being the random victim he was, had his password uploaded to an underground hacker site linked to Anonymous. They have access to literally thousands of stolen passwords uploaded to the underground hacker site.

They make victims wonder why they are being attacked. They wreak chaos and disorder and ruin people’s lives. They commit these attacks in order to get lulz, which is a corruption of “LOL”, which stands for “laugh out loud”.

They get big lulz from pulling random pranks. One such prank is messing with online children’s games like Habbo Hotel. These pranks often involve cases of anti-semitism or racism. The pranks are always posted on the internet. Epic lulz, however, come from raids and invasions, which can be signified on the secret underground hacker sites controlled by Anonymous, with the letter “i”. One such example of epic lulz achieved from an invasion was their nationwide plan to destroy the new Harry Potter book ending.

They have organised bomb threats against no less than seven football stadiums, drawing national media attention. This is achieved by loading trucks with radioactive material which would be detonated in the stadiums.

People who try to stop or prevent the activities of Anonymous are branded as “lulz killers”, who are accused of ruining their fun. They rape and kill these “lulz killers”.

They post pictures, home addresses and phone numbers of people, including families and make death threats to these people, especially if they are considered emo bitches.

There are however many solid ways in which Anonymous can be stopped. This can involve electronic security, a phone-tracing system, a dog, and the most disabling of these, curtains.

They are known not to forget about their victims, will not get bored.
"Anonymous: They are Hackers on Steroids"

"Anonymous: They attack in order to get lulz, a corruption of "LOL", which stands for "Laugh Out Loud""
von Man of Chanese Origin 27. August 2009

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