A person, who usually is an angsty, depressed goth/punk, who think s/he's cool because s/he wear shirts that say "You laugh at me because I'm different, I laugh at you because you're all the same" and other assorted wear from Hot Topic or Torrid even though that makes them a hypocrite as those shops are just as brand-name as Abercrombie, GAP, or Old Navy. The people behind Hot Topic and Torrid are exactly like the people behind GAP and Old Navy: they laugh all the way to the bank as you unthinking, impressionable teens buy their over-priced clothing, and you become a walking billboard for Corporate America when you don their shoddy clothes, just like the "prep" clique you hate so much.
I think I'm sooo unique because I'm wearing a shirt from a company that tells me who I am. I am a sell-out.
von Eric Melech 14. September 2004
Top Definition
A person who refuses to live their life according to the prep mold (abercrombie, american eagle, Blink 182, etc.) and styles their own personality. They don't all wear black clothing, and they are not all outcasts. Most just don't want to be a dumb jock or pinhead cheerleader. Anti-preps dress and act how they want, not how the popular kids dress and act, but they can still be popular. Not all shop at the Salvation Army store. And above all, they are not anti-prep because they cannot find friends with the more popular, athletic, intelligent, and skillful people. In fact, there is no one on this planet who is all four of those things.

Anyone who thinks that anit-preps are losers should take a look in the mirror and see what mold they fit into. Anti-preps just break the mold.
The anit-preps got picked on by the dumb jocks, who were neither skillful nor intelligent, but in the end the dumb jocks were too dumb to get anywhere and now pump gas at the local Mobil Station.
von MetallhedForLife 2. März 2004
A group of people defined by another group of people. Anti-Preps are the reactionary result of preps, therefore they are a product of that which they hate. (making them hate themselves, maybe?) Neither group being better or worse then the other, only different from one another.
Joe was shunned by prep faggots, therefore he became an anti-prep faggot.
von SVU 10. Mai 2005
one who lives there own lives without being manipulated into following the crowd, an individualist.
von brother_number_one 27. Juli 2003
I am an anti-prep because i am against preps. I am not saying that all preps are snotty stuck up bitches, but the ones i know are so therefore i call myself an anti-prep. Anti-preps don't make excuses for not getting to be in the "in crowd" they choose to not be in the in crowd.
Proud to be an anti-prep!
von An Anti-Prep 23. Januar 2007
1. Being against "preps".

2. Contributing to social prejudices

3. Hating people who attend prepritory schools.
Being Anti-prep is just another excuse for posers to be "pxnk rawk" and "goffic".
von Idiot Paranoia 14. August 2004
Some one who does not strive to be like every one else and to dress or listen to the music every one else does and is there own person.
They dont like people that think there better and that judge people on the way they dress
von Cindy 23. Oktober 2003
someone who is down wit the pap or people against preps. there people who hate preps and every thing they stand for. who ever said that all Anti-Prep people are goth fags are in fact preps them self and just got done getten beat by there dads
if you want to learn more about pap vist me at myspace
my myspace name is fitz-pap
that anti-prep kid just beat the blood out of that prep. hes my hero
von matt fitzpatrick 28. März 2006
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