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A B line refers to the direction in which a bee flys after gathering nectar. Bees use the sun to navigate their way around and when they are ready to return to the hive they fly in a straight line back. This is why when someone is trying to get to their destination quickly they are said to be "making a B line".
Alyssa made a B line home after work.
von Crazy Carrie 6. Juni 2007
313 112
running a straight line (used mainly in sports)
bitch go run a B line to the 15 yard line
von cory dwayne 14. August 2005
265 141
A hemp string dipped in melted beeswax used for lighting bongs and pipes. It makes it easier to light and gives the weed a slight honey flavor.
B line is super dank and easy to make yourself
von Ganjacooker 23. November 2009
91 68
super stoned out of your mind.
brah, we stay supa bline right now.
von asdfasfadgfasdasdSasd 30. April 2009
25 5
Being under the influence of marijuana; high; another word for stoned.
1: What's so funny?
2: I just smoked a bowl, I'm so bline!
1: Ohh...I see.
von favoritism 13. Februar 2008
10 6
When two friends drive antoher friend to have sex and then waits in the car outside.
Yeah, me and Carl just blined David. I'll call when we get home.
von Snippex 10. Januar 2014
4 2
1. a term used for "lighting up" a cigarette, cigar, or device used for smoking 2. an exclamation in agreement with a statement or fact
1."Why don't we bline (up) another joint?

2.Jon- "Math class sucks"
Casey- "Bline."
von Stephan666 29. August 2005
6 20