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adjective: to be so really hurtin' or lame
"this party is fucking barce"
von Emily McLeod 26. September 2003
The area between a mans scrotum and anus.
"My sweaty barce has lead to an appalling case of ball rash"
von Jon99 10. Juli 2007
When a bro says something gay to or about another bro
Bro 1: Hey bro what's up?

Bro 2: Bro to be honest you look really cute today.

Bro 1: Damn dude you just pulled a barce!
von Squad THS 4. Dezember 2013
To be Really Gay...
"something is stupid"
those kids are fucking Barce
von Amanda 17. September 2003
A nickname for the city of Barcelona
I went to Barce last week before heading to Madrid.
von Barce88 12. Dezember 2008