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Beauty by usage.
Beausage sounds French but it's not; instead it's a synthetic combination of the words beauty and usage, and describes the beauty that comes with using something.
Beausage is:

* Roman amphitheater steps whose faces are worn away by the tread of thousands and thousands of shoes
* Stone chips on the hood of a Ferrari 250 which has been run hard and put away wet
* A bike seat whose adapted form reflects that of its owner's posterior
* The look and feel of the cockpit of the old Mercedes pictured above (a jumble of replacement gauges and parts, obviously used a lot) -- that's 91 years of beausage!
von Bausage Guy 30. September 2005

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Beauty caused by usage.
The neck of his old guitar shined with beausage.
von Banjoboy 29. August 2005