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Real true thugs off da double Glock. They are one of the only real niggas now, not like the faggots Nelly, Ja rule, 50, P. Diddy. Bone dont have to rap about girls and cars like those hip-pop sluts. They are the real definition of true real thugs.
sawed off 12 gauges and mac-10s :)
von Leathaface 1. August 2003
1182 136
The best fucking rap group unlike G-Unit and fake rappers like that.
Bone Thugs N Harmony are real rappers.
von some polak 6. September 2004
898 142
best rap group to bless tha mic with they tight flip flop flows
when tha 5th dog gets loose its gonna be on
von TrU_GaNgStA 4. Juli 2003
636 93
Illest rap group ever with such hits as...Aw screw it, if you don't know, you are not worthy of hearing them.
I like Bone Thugs
von PyRo 5. November 2003
553 93
the best rappers there ever will be. the realest thugs. far better than 50, ja, eminem, snoop and all the rest that people like so much.
bone never went soft like snoop
von I hate fakes 4. August 2003
598 198
only true thugz of thieveland
bone aint just in dis 4 life dey in dis 4 ever!!
von stan cook 21. September 2003
428 72

btnh is da realist thugs out their fuck 50,fuck ja,and all the other rappers
Who be the niggas that's sneakin' the pistol up in the party
Drinkin' that 151 Bacardi
Drunk and finna fuck up somebody... (Bone Thugs)
Keepin' it realer than real in the field
Niggas that's packin' that steel
Who be the niggas that soldover 30 million strong... (Bone Thugs)
Who be the niggas in black
Who be the niggas with straps
Who be the niggas that's bustin' back at the got-damned law... (Bone Thugs)
von ozzy 10. September 2003
367 56