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A person who makes unnecessary sacrifices or returns sexual favors for illegal narcotics.
I thought Chrissy was really into me but as soon as I ran out of coke that Boo-Bitch had her clothes back on.
von Cyberobotic 11. Mai 2008
A woman who wears cleavage bearing outfits then gets angry at people who stare at the presented cleavage.
Mary is such a boobitch! Why does she wear dresses that show so much cleavage if she can't handle the appreciation?
von Magicliterati 14. Januar 2012
something u say when a dumb bitch keeps staring at u
boo bitch u gotta fuckin problem
von Miss Bree Bree 22. Januar 2010
A nicer way of calling someone a bitch.
Boob itch back the fuck off.
von Shminkey, Polka-spots, Pimp 17. August 2008
A name for a bitch on Halloween
Man, that lady at the last house gave my a popcorn ball! She's such a boobitch!
von Faith M. 7. März 2007