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To be seriously demotivated.
To be disinclined to get off one's arse.
To be unwilling to do something.
I just can't be arsed
von Alex 9. Januar 2004
335 73
cannot be bothered
I cant be arsed to think of an example
von Emma 30. März 2004
206 35
A term used when one really cannot be bothered/wants to/has to do something.
Mum: "Clean yer room."
ME: "Can't be arsed!"
von sleepygamer 5. März 2006
192 58
Can't be bothered.
I can't be arsed to go out today
von Alex 13. Februar 2004
80 27
cant be bothered
i really cant be arsed to go to uni today.
von paul of death 21. Oktober 2003
71 26