to be in a drug induced relaxed state.
1.He chills all the time.
2.Ken Silverman
von Gitty 16. Februar 2004
When cool just wasn't cold enough, the word chill was brought in instead.
"This t-shirt is so cool!"
"Yeah well these shoes are CHILL"
von Anonymous 22. Oktober 2003
'Chill' basically means cool or 'down'
There's this new guy in my class, he's chill.
von jizzie 9. Juli 2003
laid back, relaxed; calm
"The gym is chill"
von Anonymous 10. April 2003
Laid back or calm
"The gym is chill"
von Anonymous 10. April 2003
Calm down, relax.
Why are u gettin so mad, chill.
von Anonymous 20. März 2003
An adjective that I find easiest to use when I'm high. Laid back, easy-going, cool.
I feel hella chill right now... lets smoke another blunt.
von Goast 27. Februar 2003
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