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To go well with; to complete.
That lamp complements your desk perfectly.
von Diggity Monkeez 3. März 2005
21 5
In Math, the complement is, simply put, that which is outside of the defined region. However, this is often used as an insult in geek circles.

Geek 1:Your momma's so fat, that she's the complement of your house.

Geek 2: Yeah, well at least my penis isn't always the complement of a vagina.

Geek 1: *shoots self, thus becoming the complement of existing*
von Evariste Galois 20. April 2009
9 4
Complementary compliments
So amazing how your complements go with the dinner service, dahling.
von Hercolena Oliver 20. April 2009
1 6
something you give to someone you like
something you add to food to improve its taste
She accepted the complement with good grace
von Philip Nash 26. November 2006
2 28