1. A political party for people whose ideas are spoonfed to them by The Washington Post and CNN rather than Rush Limbaugh and Fox News.

2. One of two political parties in The United States of America whose leaders strive for control and power over all citizens. See Republican for the other political party whose leaders strive for control and power over all citizens.

3. One of two political parties (see Republican) in The United States of America whose members believe that their collective ideas are 100% correct and all citizens who do not agree are complete, uneducated morons. Conversely, Republicans believe to be 100% correct and that non-believers are unpatriotic satanists. Both parties' members ironically view themselves as compassionate, free-thinking and mainstream.

4. Liberal (derogatory)

5. Hippie (derogatory)
1. As a democrat, I have to see what CNN says about Iraq so I know what my steadfast convictions are.

2. Vote democratic so we citizens will have fewer laws and more freedoms.

3. As a free-thinker and a democrat, I say you are an idiot because you don't agree with me. And I know I'm right because I got my beliefs from CNN and you got yours from Fox!

4. Get away from me you liberal!

5. Get a job you long-haired hippie!
von Geo. Washington 16. Mai 2005
people who ruin everything. they spoil life around the world with their simple acts of stupidty and lying to make a neagtive difference in the world.
To be a democrat, is to be a modern day satan aka the accuser.
von beaubeaubeau 31. Mai 2010
A liberal degenerate who supports cold-blooded murder, and supports killing embryos for science. The first one to protest the right to life, and the first one to protest punishing rapists, murderers and dangerous criminals. Someone who espouses personal freedom, and then restricts freedoms of speech by judicial activism. Someone threatened by deficits, but unfazed by unbalanced budget and massive spending. Someone who is a socialist and anti-competition. Someone who wants to create a nanny state, after taxing everyone to death. Someone who hates religion and tradition.
We can all hope that the standard of education in America improves to the point where a Democrat can no longer be voted into office.
von The Average American 13. August 2009
Rich pieces of shit that wanna give out all of their fuckking money to the fuckers who dont have a job cause they would rather smoke pot. Democrats are also dipshits that wanna sit on thier couch and hope to get more money from their fellow working citizens. These hippe, terrorist-hugging stupid morons are always complaining of how hard working Republicans suck. Then why not impeach them, pussies. Stop complaining and get your fat, man-humping asses in Congress to do something.
Democrats suck cock!
von Republican 12. Mai 2007
Member of the Democratic Party. Democrats think that everybody deserves what certain people work hard for (health care), keeping guns for self-defense is a bad thing, and that it is alright for the flag of the United States to be burned to make a statement. They basically want to make the US a socialist nation. Democrats also see Barack Obama as their Jesus even though Obama hasn't done shit and is proving to be our worst president. Their arguments are never backed with reason. To keep it short, Democrats are idiots.
Democrat: Hey! Lets make the US socialist
von guitarmann 13. Dezember 2009
1. A political party, the founding of which was credited to Thomas Jefferson in the late 1790's, whose ever-shifting identity has as of late sided with the left side of the political spectrum, and extends as far as socialism, but not communism
2. A participant in one of the greatest and longest-lasting teen fads in the history of America, its latest incarnation being anonymous, which places ex-Prez Bush below even Black people because republicans are racist fucks.
3. Anyone likely to believe that Republicans (not to be confused with republicanism, which Democrats fully embrace) are more fascistic than the leader of Germany's socialist party, Adolph Hitler.
4. What you get when you take our drugs away from us, you uptight capitalist pigs, with your fucking obsolete Christian morality.

All Democrats are Liberal
All Democrats are not racist
All Democrats are secretly racist
All Democrats are as miserable as those in broadcasting/politics (eg. Keith Olbermann, Barney Frank)
All Democrats are smart
All Democrats are hippies
All Democrats hate Republicans
All Democrats are Democrats
Core beliefs:
Abortion is cool
The Gov't should help the poor
The Gov't should regulate stuff to prevent recessions and whatnot
The Gov't should only bother the rich.
Climate change is preventable
Socialist countries are economically more stable and prosperous than really Capitalist ones, and arent in fucktons of debt

In conversation:
Democrat: Ann Coulter is a bitch
Republican: Yeah she totally is
Democrat: What did I say about talking, idiot
Republican: Commie bastard!!
von Hahahaohwow 27. März 2010
Imbecile plain and simple
Bill clinton is a democrat, and an imbecile
von Nico Demalig 3. Oktober 2008

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