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A run-together abbreviation of Dance Dance Revolution, or DDR, usually used by Arcade Goofs on a sugar high.
Let's play some DidDeR!! Eeep!!
*Vaults over the counter and hacks the coin machine with an axe to get at the game tokens*
von Aia 29. Mai 2005
17 10

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Sister, or very close friend. Another way for a girl to state 'girlfriend' whom you have no sexual relations with.
Me and my didders all have the same mom.

Today all the didders went to the movies.
von lafleckv 5. September 2010
1 2
A retarded way to say the abbreviation for DDR, often used with, "73H 1337 d00dz 0n 73H f0rumz"
MetalJacketFreak: "omg didder is teh best gaem evar"
ThisGameSucks: "You need a hobby, dipshit."
von BadDogNoBiscuits 30. September 2003
8 15