Suppressed children who get grounded all the time, Cry alone in the dark, and smell of hair gel and cigarettes. (As well as ass from all the butt smex) A true emo would cry if you called them emo. Skinny girl jeans, emover, ofter seen with tight hoodies, bad tattoos

Enjoys bands such as, Bright eyes, Mars Volta, Claps your hands say yeah, Dignan (will try and describe emo music as "indie" ITS EMO)

thinks there hot and important

men like men
Emos hates life

von sexy jesus 28. Januar 2008
1. Another really annoying label started by some loser who had no life.

2.Usually a whiny little adolescent boy or girl who thinks they are "rebellious" or a "non-conformist". They think their life sucks, so they waste their time cutting their wrists and hurting themselves instead of finding ways to make it better.
A lot of these people actually have no problems and are rich little liars who pretend to be emo to "fit in" with a select few people. Posers
Some of these people actually have a really bad life(example: abuse, neglect, poverty, disease, ect.), but still do nothing about but hurt themselves even more.
The worst type of emo is the kids who don't even cut themselves but make it appear as if they did, they will pretend to have issues that some real kids have. Saying their parents abuse them or they have been raped. When people who have actually had this happen to them, live with it much better or at least try to be happy.
Most shop at Hot Topic and Thrift stores.

3. A genre of music that some how spawned into a label.
1. "Check out that emo fag!"

2. "My life is so horrible, my girlfriend just dumped me for my bestfriend, no one ever pays attention to me, and my parents took away my convertible for screaming at them and calling them a prick. I'm going to kill myself"

"Instead of doing that how about you stop being such a pussy and do something proactive for once."

3. "Listen to this awesome emo band i found!"
von LikeHeyItsTiff 31. Oktober 2007
A stupid stereotype that doesnt really exist.
Started off as a a genre of music from the Mid 80's Punk scene. Now turned into a trend that still, doesnt really exist. Emo is a type of music and nothing less. Someone who calls someone emo is obviously arrogant and doesnt understand the proper meaning. Calling someone 'emo' doesnt make sense. Its like calling some Jazz or Hip hop.
Its a type of music.
People who call themselves Emo are usually posers who are not dressing that way because they want to but just trying to figure out who they are.
I myself, I have black hair with blonde bangs, you can hardly seen any of my face. I wear girls drainpipes, I wear girl shirts, girls sweaters, I wear makeup, wear vans, usually have band t's on, and im one of the happiest people you will ever meet.
Most of my friends dress like me and are also happy.
Just because someone dresses like that doesnt mean they are depressed or whatever. Thats bullshit.
Its just a style, get over it. Stop judging.
If you have ever called someone emo you are completely arrogant and should probably go back to American Eagle and buy an 80 dollar pink polo.
I love emo/Post hardcore music.

Emo is a word that should be banished from anyone using.

I wear tight pants and makeup, im not emo.

von Zane Knight 24. September 2007
need to get over themselves.
Most emos are well-off melodramatic losers, who have things better off than some people.
von Wassup? 13. September 2007
a kid who is dirty and buys jeans from baby gap and cries in his closet and slits his wrist cause his myspace isnt working
emo kids are the scum of the earth and all need to be killed
von john miller blake miller 19. August 2007
Emotional person or attention seeker. The generalisation that has come to the "emo" society is stupid, they have no clue how to create there own style and have fun, they slot in nicely with the million others. Allthough the name is stupid the steriotype is completely reasonable. Most people are just trying to get along with thier lives and do it there own way, it is hard when every catagory of personality is steriotyped, people cant be who they want anymore. We need to cut everyone some slack and stop the deprecation.
emmo people are dressed in black with a splash of white. emo people have radical and crazy hair cuts.
von James Lowafle 6. August 2007
A person who usually acts depressed, dresses in very tight clothing (i.e, if male retro Vans skate shoes and sometimes womens jeans), listens to indie music, and in quite a few cases has life very good and just looks for something to be depressed about, but usually has no reason to be (or usually just act) depressed. They also usually have hair over one side of their face (see "AFI").
Guy 1. "dude, is he wearing womens jeans?"

Guy 2. "yeah, he's emo, or he thinks he is"
von Andres aKa El Rey 1. August 2007

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